Tuesday, 13 May 2008


i went down to nottingham at the weekend and stayed with some friends. it was nice but i wish i could have seen more people, the persons house was being a little selfish because she didnt want to go see any one because she coudnt be bothered wich really annoyed me, but ohh well. another thing was that they have all fell out since i have left so i never really see some of them but i dont really talk to some of them much anymore anyway. it would still be nice for them to talk to me on msn or something!

im still stuck with what i want to do when im older! everyone keeps asking me and i really dont have a clue. its starting to worry me but i dont want it to be a last minute thing like everything else in my life!

my mum and stepdad are getting married soon! i cant wait my mum keeps asking me if im okay with them marrying and i say yes. and i am actually fine with them getting married he has been lovely to me, i coudnt ask for a better step dad. even though he acts like a big kid and winds me up but as my mum keeps shouting "were both as bad as each other".

im writing this and thinking if anyone will actually be reading it. it seems weird that someone might actually read this. im sure someone will, in a way i want them too so they can tell me if im going mad! i dont think i am but this whole moving thing has really changed me. im really quiet now and feel scared to show the real me incase everyone hates me! im known as the quiet one to people who dont no me but im really not quiet at all!!!

anyway i will leave it at that as i dont really have much more to say!

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